Argentina Revisited – One Month on. Towards a Neoliberal “Democratic Dictatorship”

This provides an interesting perspective on Macri, Argentina’s new president and as well as on the current economic environment there. Just as Benjamin Franklin wondered about the sun on George Washington’s chair after months of Constitution drafting in Independence Hall, I wonder if the sun on the Argentine flag is rising higher or starting to set.

Argentina – a new dictator is born. Actually no, he has just been elected. – Or, was he? – It appears like the newly elected Mauricio Macri is the most fascist and dictatorial President since the Videla military era. Unlike Videla, Macri hasn’t murdered people (yet); not by traditional weapons, but may do so by economic strangulation – the weapon of choice of neoliberalism.

by Peter Koenig , Global Research: 

At a young age, Macri, now a multi-billionaire has had dealings with Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner for the US Presidency. That, of course, doesn’t make him a ‘bad guy’. But it does characterize him as someone who would rather turn favours to the rich than to the needy. That should rather be telling for the Argentinians, who elected him – or did they?

Since day one, Mauricio Macri has started repressive socio-economic measures – when he let the peso float…

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